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Podere Castel Merlo

The excellences

We choose only the best of our territory

Podere Castel Merlo has lived up to its name in recent years by completing its offer with production of some of the best known Bergamo excellences:

Moscato di Scanzo DOCG, the smallest Italian DOCG, with which, with only a few rows available, we can produce a red raisin wine of Moscato Rosso that is perfect for Bergamo cheeses or with sweet pastries.

Olearium, the Sebino oil with a particular cultivar and a delicate, inimitable olfactory taste.

Miliarius our barricata Grappa obtained from the marc of our best vines, in partnership with one of Italy’s best master distillers, the historic Berta distillery.

Obtained from the marcs of our best Chardonnays, it ages for over 18 months in barriques that give it a golden-yellow colour. To the nose, aromas of wood, tobacco and...
Produced on the shores of Lake Iseo, it is characterised by very low acidity and a very delicate fruity note on both nose and mouth that is accompanied by a...
Extremely rare raisin wine, the smallest Italian DOCG, few bottles of a fine nectar: ​​intense ruby ​​red, on the nose it explodes with hints of blueberry, plum and morello cherry...