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Podere Castel Merlo

Sparkling Wines

Attention to detail in every single bubble ...

Every bottle of classic method sparkling wine from Podere Castel Merlo originates in great respect of the territory, processed through a rigorous and accurate production process that starts in the countryside with natural cultivation systems and integrated agriculture.

Modern stainless steel systems and a large refining cellar built to ensure optimal conditions of humidity and temperature, make each bottle a unique emotion. A harmony of visual, olfactory and taste sensations.

Unique sparkling wines such as Cretariurm Brut Rosé, a classic method with 60 months of aging from 100% Merlot, non-dosed Cretarium Brut Nature, with intense mineral notes that linger in the mouth, Petra Aeterna a blanc du blanc from 100% Chardonnay that passes through large oak barrels before bottling and aging for over 60 months.

Particular choices, dreams that are realised through niche production for the quality and very long aging yet, at the same time, which identify us as the biggest sparkling wine producers in the province of Bergamo. Our vineyards lap Franciacorta, the most famous region for the sparkling wine tradition, with which we share the terroir, and, in part, the favourable climate of Lake Iseo which here, more than eslsewhere, gives the vineyards the perfect winds and temperatures for ripening grapes, thereby giving great acidity.

Obtained from the masterly cuvée of Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco and a scrupulous, long processing of at least 48 months on yeasts. Pale yellow, golden reflections, brightened by the richness...
Zero sugar, zero compromises. From Chardonnay and Pinot bianco grapes with a minimum of 60 months' aging on yeasts, the colour is golden yellow, persistent, very fine numerous bubbles, on...
Sparkling wine with great personality and rarity. From pure Merlot grapes, it has a bright coppery colour and complex aromas with hints of strawberry, ripe fruit and cherry. The taste...
A sparkling classic method French style wine, aged 60 months on yeasts, opulent on the nose with complex hints of vanilla, cognac and bread crust. Warm and lingering in the...